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More than 40% of women who are between the age of 25 and 40 are affected by hair loss. Normally they experience this after stopping to take the pill or after child birth. Female hair loss may also be triggered after a serious illness or accident that involves an extensive invasive surgery.  Such type of hair loss is curable and the woman can get her normal hair growth back again.

Many female lose their hair because it is so in their family from generations. A woman’s hair is a beauty and also her identity. She may wear it as a bob cut or a perm, a pig or a pony tail or long flowing locks. When a woman starts losing hair the situation worsens over time. This can be stopped with only an effective hair loss treatment.

The Symptoms

Hair lose in women can be predictable, as it follows a standard pattern. It starts with a diffuse balding then a significant numbers of hair starts falling from over the scalp. This will be followed with drastic thinning of the hair.  Hair will fall in the line of your central parting and gradually the parting will expand sideways. This will eventually lead to total baldness.

If you catch the signs in the early stage you should visit a good hair clinic and get it appraised by a fully qualified trichologist. Preferably select a clinic that will provide you with natural treatment to strengthen the hair follicles and stimulate blood flow in the scalp. There are various reasons why women experience hair fall. Once you have found out the root cause the treatment is not difficult.

Stress a Very Common Cause for Hair Loss

Stress is considered to be a significant factor for hair loss in women. Testosterone cannot be sufficiently produced as stress destroys oestrogen, which will finally result in restricting the production of hairs that have already fallen. When ovaries in women do not function properly, it gradually results in hair loss.

This type of hair loss can be treated with hormone therapy. A tumor on the adrenal gland may also result in hair loss that may involve a minor surgery and hormone therapy to treat the same. Hair fall may also result due to a miscarriage if it takes place after three months of pregnancy.

Hair fall after Pregnancy Is Mostly Natural

During pregnancy a woman’s body estrogen levels are increased. This slows down the cycle of growing and falling of hair, which you may see, resulting in hair loss. If you stay healthy during pregnancy your hair growth will also remain healthy. After the child is born the hair starts falling. You should not panic as you will find fresh hair grow back within 1 year after your baby’s birth.

If you are on the pill for a longer time and you stop the same this causes interference in the balance of hormones. This affects the hair growth and fall cycle. There are certain women who experience more hair fall in the first 3 months of taking the pill. This is because the body has to adapt to its new hormone levels.

Poor Circulation of Blood

You may experience diffuse hair loss due to low blood pressure, lack of iron or any weakness of the blood. This can be treated with medication if you consume iron supplements. For poor circulations get a regular head massage and normal hair will grow back soon.

Many women who are in the aging process, especially when they experience menopause experience hair loss. This can be controlled by maintaining a good lifestyle with a healthy diet and a fitness regimen. All the above causes have a solution to regain normalcy.