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MicroFUT Hair Transplant

There is no question about it. There have been real problems with the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) from days gone by. Everyone could see what hair transplant surgeons left behind when taking the donor strips from the back of the head. Call them frankenstein stitches, railroad track marks etc.

All of this had been plagueing hair transplant specialist for years. It is time that hair transplant surgeons to take responsibility for all this and did something about it.

So this is what I have done. I knew that taking the linear donor strip is the best way to get as much hair as you can harvest. But, I did no want to leave behind big stitch marks. So, I magnefied as much as I could to where you could not see any stitches. In other words, I went MICRO. Today, I perfrom the microFUT, micro stiches that whem removed simply disappear. The more I worked, the closer I have gotten to perfecting the procedure, and the more I have removed and repair hair transplant scars.

Our clinic has become a hair transplant repair center.

When a patient comes to our clinic and gets thousands of hairs planted, he or she should not have to worry what the back of their head looks like.

If you have hair transplant scars on the back of your head give us a call: 256-382-2000. I am Steve Latham and I do the microFUT.