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Laser Hair Therapy

One of the most effective non-invasive hair treating for baldness, hair thinning and scalp issues is laser hair rejuvenation. The process is done by applying low levels of laser light energy or soft light to the problem areas of the scalp.

The rejuvenation process delivers soft light energy from rotating laser lights that are designed to be therapeutic, contributing to repairing damage hair and revitalizing hair follicles - reversing years of damage caused by tight wigs, chemicals and neglect.

With laser hair therapy it becomes easy to achieve fuller, youthful and healthy looking hair by increases the blood supply to the scalp by over 50 percent.

Studies have shown that hair loss therapy stops hair loss in over 85 percent of patients. Happy patients testify about increase hair strength and beauty.

Some patients say that they experience rapid hair growth after about 9-12 laser treatments.

If you are suffering from chemical damage or loss of hair due to wigs, give our office a call for a free consultation.