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Follicular Unit Extraction FUE

People have been facing loss of hair over the years due to various reasons.  Some wear wigs to hide their boldness, others opt for hair transplant. The outdated method of hair transplant that certain surgeons use, have made patients experience pain, numbness, un-natural look and visible scars. The old method which is cheaper than the latest one are scalp reduction methods, laser grafting, scalp extension, micro grafting, standard punch graft and the strip incisions method.

The Follicular Unit extraction technique has replaced the older techniques.  Doctors have specialized in FUE but this requires specialized staff like transplant assistant, huge investments, technology know how and a superior range of skill. This hair transplant technique involves more expenditure.

Doctor’s Expertise

The surgeon who specializes in FUE hair transplant has to be an expert in motivating patients. He should make his patient know the fullness and naturalness of the hair after he or she undergoes hair transplant. The expenses are bound to go high depending upon how complex the patient’s case is. It also depends upon the size of procedure.

If you intend to go through this type of hair transplantation, you will have to do search to locate a surgeon who has a good knowledge of the lateral slit technique in follicular unit extraction as this transplantation stimulates the natural hair growth pattern. The doctor should have a trained team of staff and he himself should be well versed with this technique.

The Aim of This Technique

The final result of this technique is to give you beautiful natural looking hair, a natural hair line with good coverage and high density. The recovery period should be short and swift. Irrespective of your skin type or your hair colour, you can undergo this procedure of hair transplant. The surgeon will first evaluate your medical history, through certain test to find you fit for this transplantation.

The surgeon will also evaluate the hair density in the posterior scalp, status of hair condition and your hair calibre. The higher the density, the more you will be eligible for grafts. As this is a procedure of hair transplant that provides you with natural looking hair, it can be a better option.

The Procedure

The FUE transplantation procedure lives no visible scaring, does not need any bandaging to keep hairs in place and requires no stitching. Local anaesthetic is used to make it painless and hair from the donor area of the body such as the scalp is extracted and the hair follicles are re-inserted in to the hair line.

You can remove follicular hair units from any part of the body such as the back and the sides of the head, the chest and the back. If you have less hair on the back or sides of your head, hair can be used from any other part of your body. This transplantation provides the patient the minimum discomfort and post-operative pain. This transplantation can be used to disguise the scars of any previous surgery.

The Success of FUE

This type of hair transplant can be successful only if a specialist surgeon who has considerable knowledge and experience of this hair transplant technique is employed to do the same. There is no place for carelessness from the staff or the surgeon who performs this surgery. They should be well versed with the depth, width, angle and direction of the transplanted hair. 

This type of transplantation requires no vertical implantation of grafts, natural appearance can be provided by adjusting the hair design. This procedure needs a lot of labour and consumes a lot of time. If it is performed carefully with attention to all details, you will have the kind of hair transplanted that will provide a full and natural look that no one will be able to detect as false.